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About Us

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are all the rage this day. What started off as a completely unheard-of idea called Bitcoin back in 2009, is now a force to reckon with on the global financial stage with its popularity and financial value rising each day. And if you’re just as smitten by this electronic marvel as I am and have this undying desire to know more about it, then you’re going to love this blog. Welcome to ClearingHouse.

Following the blockchain boom in world finances, the simple idea of a decentralized electronic currency has now evolved into a complete ecosystem full of its own set of market trends and tactics on investing and selling for maximum profits. Here at ClearingHouse, you’ll be provided all the information you’ll ever need on cryptocurrencies including the big boys like Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as the countless younger members of the squad popping in every single day.
You’ll be treated to daily price standings, market caps and projections, daily, weekly and monthly trends, what players and ICOs to look out for and what’s the hottest news in the crypto world, all in the form of a curated collection of neatly written articles.

Furthermore, ClearingHouse also cares for the newest members of our crypto fan club and offers introductory articles on the nature and trends of blockchain and cryptocurrencies on the global stage, in a way, training today’s enthusiasts to become the traders of tomorrow.

Ready to embrace the future of finances? Let’ begin.

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