Decentralized asset issuance, blockchain notary, exchange and more. It's easy to get started click on Clearwallet to get a web wallet. For more information on Viacoin, please visit


Freedom by Blockchain

Viacoin was introduced in July 2014 when it also launched ClearingHouse, and the web wallet Clearwallet. Viacoin integrates counterparty assets on top of a Bitcoin based blockchain with a system called the ClearingHouse protocol to allow the building of decentralized exchanges. Viacoin was created to avoid issues of Bitcoin blockchain bloat and make decentralized exchange and asset issuance practical with 24 second block times drastically improving performance.

Decentralized Exchange

Trade your own assets, tokens, viacoins or XCH safely and easily. ClearingHouse matches and settles your trades automatically.


Easily create a coin or token to promote your brand or crowd-sale. Distribute profits or dividends to your users.


Notarize documents with a transferable hash on the Viacoin blockchain.


A project from the Viacoin Team